Sensation of the Mouth

My eyes fixated on your throbbing member

Ooh! It looks just like I remember

It bobbed in my face ever so slightly leaning to the right

This is a delicious sight

My red nails grasped your muscular thighs and I dipped my tongue in the slit of your head

“Mmm yeah baby,” you said

My fingers firmly grip your shaft it throbbed with anticipation

You move your hips in slight frustration

Waiting …waiting for me to use my mouth

My tongue stroked your head and down your veiny erection. I feel it pulsating with each lick

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Nadia’s POV

We walked into the apartment building after Vlad handed the valet my keys. He wrapped his arm firmly around my waist and the bellboy had the elevator ready for us. It went straight to his penthouse.

He opened the front door and his apartment was surrounded by darkness. I raised my eyebrow and looked at him. He clapped his hands twice and a gust of wind blew past us, the apartment laminated with candle lights.

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Voting Poll: Why? Because Your Opinions Matter to Us!

To make sure we are meeting our readers’ needs, we will post up different polls hoping to hear your opinions. This is an introduction poll so tell us what is your desirable word of length for a short story?

Hello, We Are Still Under Construction

Hello to all that is visiting our website. We are still under construction as we prepare to showcase our short stories. Feel free to look around and follow if you are interested in our material. Short stories and blog posts will go up three times a week so make sure to follow to stay up to date

Our First Short Story will be posted on Thursday 🙂


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