Let’s Talk About Love, Baby!!

“What’s Love Got to Do with It?” by Tina Turner

“Love” by Musiq Soulchild

“Love on Top” by Beyonce

“What is Love?” by Haddaway (I had the pleasure of annoying Renny with this song LOL)

These are a few songs we had fun singing while writing this article. We wanted to express to our readers why we decided to write some of the genres that we do.

download (1)

Romance plays a big part in our story lines. We just feel like everybody needs love!


So Renny and I came up with our own interpretations of love. I’ll let Renny go first since she’s the self-proclaimed romance expert!


So I had to get my Poetic Justice on while stating my interpretation of love:

Love is a warm feeling that makes your heart beat when you see your special someone. Love is sharing the same goals and creating dreams for the both us. Love is looking at that special person and feeling free from judgment. Love is confidence in your special person. Love is praying for that special person. Love is going through the storm and coming out on top together.


Me, I’m a big romance-addict. I’m the mushy one so here is my interpretation:

The butterflies you get bubbling in your stomach when you gaze in their eyes. The heart pounds in your chest cavity and breathing becomes harder. Just hearing their voice brings a smile to your face. Love causes an array of emotions but the biggest thing of all is it causes you happiness. The tears you get are tears of joy and you want their happiness to match yours. Love is unconditional and healthy love makes you grow as a person.


Here are our Reasons why We feel writing about love is important:

  • Readers can feel the emotions from a character’s point of view
  • Reading about love is an escape mechanism and lets people experience the type of love they fantasize about
  • Readers can experience the character’s triumphs and failures while handling love
  • Romance genres sometimes show that love isn’t always perfect and how it can bring the best and worst out of someone
  • It can also show that love can be addicting and poisonous
  • And the most important that everyone wants love but they can easily mistake it with lust

Some people might not experience the type of love they want in their lifetime, which is why we write high powered romance stories for our readers to experience the love through our characters.

What’s your opinion on What Love Is? Readers and Authors you are welcomed to give your opinion!


Disclaimer: Photos and Songs Listed do not belong to us. All rights belong to the original owners. Thank You Again for Reading.




Author: SistahQueensPublishing

Meet Jai and Renny the CEOs and Founders of SistahQueensPublishing, LLC We will take you on a journey through dramatic characters, realistic plots that will bring out an array of emotions. Our company caters to women and some men who enjoy escaping reality with dynamic and steamy storylines, developed characters and unforgettable journeys. The main genre our company focuses on is Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Also, Follow us on: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sistahqueenspublishing/ Impressum Business Location: Online Website coming soon Email: sistahqpublishing@gmail.com Owners: Native to New York we have been friends since we were 9 years old, we are both doting mothers with two kids each. Jai is the writer and Renny is the manager

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