Bring Your Characters to Life

By Using Character Visualizations

Many reasons why we write character descriptions is so the reader can get a glimpse of our world. We want our readers to visual the wind playing with our heroine’s hair or how delicious the hero looks while he takes off his shirt exposing his chiseled chest.

Although we may have some idea how they look in our heads, it can be harder jotting it down in text form just from imagination alone. Normally, I find it hard to start a story unless I have my character’s appearance mapped out. Just exactly how brown is her hair or how blue or green is his eyes?

Fantasy/Paranormal/Sci-Fi/Horror/Thriller writers what does your antagonists look like? Just how “evil-looking” are they? Do they look human or non-human? What about the protagonist does he or she carry a sword? What type of a sword a thrusting sword or a slashing sword? How does the hilt look?

It drove me bonkers for a while trying to get this detail and unfortunately at times this kind of hold up could lead to the dreadful writer’s block.

I then discovered the effects of Character Visualization! Though, I don’t mention what my characters wear every day in my stories, just dressing them up in different outfits or using different poses helped me visualize a lot more about their personality.

Does she wear jeans? If so, what style of jeans? Fitted, boot cut, skinny or wide leg? Maybe she doesn’t like jeans and loves a nice flowing Boho dress. How does she look in it? What about the accessories? Or Tattoos?

These are the types of things I struggled with a lot in my beginning stages of writing. Many times while writing a character profile I skipped that section simply because I couldn’t vision it with my imagination alone.

The Benefits of Character Visualization is by knowing every aspect of your character before writing can help keep the story flowing.

Of course, everyone has different writing styles and formulas they use so what may work for one but won’t work for another.

There are many authors gifted with the ability to draw so they can easily sketch a character that comes to mind. But, what about us who weren’t gifted with that ability? My stick figures cry when I attempt to draw them!

I started with simple Google images for look-alikes earlier on when I first started character visualizations and it didn’t help me enough.

I then discovered IMVU an avatar site! This was a gold mine for me, I could create my cast with virtual reality like characters with endless options. I write Paranormal Romance so this helps me out even more. Seeing my characters from different angles helped me even with their poses.

I now make it part of my pre-writing strategy and I usually put their picture along with their profile. Here are two of my designs I did use IMVU:




If IMVU isn’t for you that’s ok! There are ton more visual options you can try! Look at real people out on the streets though, I don’t recommend taking pictures of them!

Internet search, type in keywords you know about your character and see what comes up. However, if you want to keep them and advertise them to show your vision, you may have to check with the owners of the pictures so you don’t run into any copyright infringements or try stock photos they can be pricey but if you know how to do computer graphics you can turn the picture into whatever you want it to be!

There are magazines, picture books and even an old school yearbook (if you’re fortunate enough to not have to dig through old boxes to find it!)

Don’t let a lack of character vision stop you from getting your work out there and in the hands of someone who is waiting for your story. Find the tool for you and create a character visual board that include settings.

Don’t just write about your world, be a part of it!

For inspiration ideas follow our Pinterest boards, we will have several boards up to help to get your juices flowing! Also follow us here on WordPress for little short stories if you love Adult Paranormal Romance!

Writers give some feedback if character visualization helps you or not. Also, readers, do you like seeing a solid image of a character you read or imagining for yourself?



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