Sensation of the Mouth

My eyes fixated on your throbbing member

Ooh! It looks just like I remember

It bobbed in my face ever so slightly leaning to the right

This is a delicious sight

My red nails grasped your muscular thighs and I dipped my tongue in the slit of your head

“Mmm yeah baby,” you said

My fingers firmly grip your shaft it throbbed with anticipation

You move your hips in slight frustration

Waiting …waiting for me to use my mouth

My tongue stroked your head and down your veiny erection. I feel it pulsating with each lick

You groan and moan with each tongue flick

You push your hips forward making me open my mouth partly

Mmm… You slide yourself inside You taste divine

And all of you is mine

Your hips pump gently as I meet your every thrust

I said, “Baby slow down there’s no rush”

My eyes shut and I mask in your body wash

Your hands grip my head and you tell me “Baby, I can’t hold on any longer”

So I push you down further

“Cum …Cum …my love” I tell you

Mmm, I think I just may cum too

You threw your head back and your hot seed spills down my throat

I’m used to this so I won’t choke

Not wanting to miss a drop, I suck on your sensitive head

I’m so ready for us to hit the bed

Once you’re dried out, I slowly pull my mouth off with a smack of my lips

I stand up and you rub my hips

You look at me licking your lips and I lay back spreading my legs.

It’s right here waiting for you but first I need you to beg

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