Tangible Dreams Part 1: Dreaming

The twinkling stars danced in the dark violet sky, my eyes lowered to my lap as a heavy sigh escaped my lips. “One day isn’t nearly enough.”

“I have the solution to your dilemma.” The silvery voice behind me gave me a fright. Whipping my head around, I eased as Asa one of the high priestesses on the head council came into sight.

Her jewelry jingled like a soft pleasant tune as she walked towards me. Her soft brown hand tilted my chin making my eyes meet her lavender irises.

“Child, you are in distress. I know choosing a husband can be difficult when you’re not given a lot of time.”

“What can I do?” I tilted my head.

“You can sleep with them all and see who you connect with the most intimately …”

Tingling sensations filled my chest as my mouth flapped open and shut. “There’s no way I can do that! I-I’m a virgin firstly and I could never sleep with six men!”

Her chuckle and the glint of mischief in her eyes made me sigh.

“You’re teasing me, aren’t you?”

“Of course.” Her smile was as innocent as a small child. She removed a silver chain with a black pendant from her robe. My eyes fixated on the captivating onyx gem.

“What’s that?”

“This will make your dreams tangible. Tonight, when you sleep you will go through six dream segments with each prince.”

Lowering my eyes, I spoke softly. “I don’t want to base my decision off just sex.”

“It’s not just sex my dear,” My eyes met hers. “it’s intimacy, there’s a difference. You will get a glimpse of married life with him.”

“Intimacy …”

What other choice was there? A decision needed to be made sooner or later. Not seeing any other way, I nodded.

“I’ll try it then.”


She placed it around my neck holding the pendant in her hand. “For the six men that Princess Mia envisions, allow her to get a glimpse of her potential future. Open her eyes and make her elusive dreams now tangible. Let her see, smell, hear, touch and taste all she needs to make her decision.”

As the pendant gave a faint yellow glow the warmness ran through my body.

“Enjoy your sleep, Princess Mia.” She winked disappearing into the night.

Staring at the pendant I clasped both my hands around it. “Please, help me make the right decision.”


Atieno Diamond-The Summit Main Character 3

He is the leader of the Diamond House. He is very determined and strong-willed. He is precise and methodical.

He develops a soft spot, Scarlet. He cares deeply for the Diamond house and its members. He is determined to get into the Summit, to give his house members a better life.

He sees Scarlet and Charity as being valuable to him. How far will he go to get into the Summit?

Scarlet Jackson-The Summit Main Character 2

She is the headstrong decision-maker of Charity, Daniela, and Marcel. She’s willing to put their well-being in front of her own.

Stubborn at times, knows what she wants. She does her best to hide her vulnerability. She’s determined when she wants something she will get it.

Charity was her first friend she ever made and holds their relationship dear to her heart. Daniela became her second most cherished friend and Marcel is her little brother who will she protect with her life.

Love wasn’t on her list until she met the Diamond Leader Atieno. What could make him so different?