Scarlet Jackson-The Summit Main Character 2

She is the headstrong decision-maker of Charity, Daniela, and Marcel. She’s willing to put their well-being in front of her own.

Stubborn at times, knows what she wants. She does her best to hide her vulnerability. She’s determined when she wants something she will get it.

Charity was her first friend she ever made and holds their relationship dear to her heart. Daniela became her second most cherished friend and Marcel is her little brother who will she protect with her life.

Love wasn’t on her list until she met the Diamond Leader Atieno. What could make him so different?


Author: SistahQueensPublishing

Meet Jai and Renny the CEOs and Founders of SistahQueensPublishing, LLC We will take you on a journey through dramatic characters, realistic plots that will bring out an array of emotions. Our company caters to women and some men who enjoy escaping reality with dynamic and steamy storylines, developed characters and unforgettable journeys. The main genre our company focuses on is Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Also, Follow us on: Instagram: Impressum Business Location: Online Website coming soon Email: Owners: Native to New York we have been friends since we were 9 years old, we are both doting mothers with two kids each. Jai is the writer and Renny is the manager

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