About Us


Hello, I’m Jai, the writer I gained a love for writing since I was eleven and became a fan of romance stories at the age of sixteen and as I became older I started incorporating sub-genres with Romance. I knew Paranormal Romance was my thing mainly because I’ve always been interested in Vampires, Werewolves, Faeries, Witches and etc. I’m excited to unleash my imagination!

Hello, I’m Renny, the reader I gained a love for reading novels at fifteen years old, I would average about three books in one week. I feel like a self-proclaimed expert at reading romance novels lol.

So, what do you get when you put an avid writer and an avid reader together? CRAZY IDEA …

SistahQueensPublishing, LLC and two CEOs who are passionate about writing and reading.

*What the people will get out of this is full-length novels in the future*

We want to gain a loyal fan base who will follow all our work.

There are three colors representing our brand that is incorporated with our story themes and characters; green for survival, spirituality, growth, and renewal. Gold for illumination, love, compassion and wisdom and red for strength, power, determination, and passion

What To Expect From Us:

  • You will get loads of steamy short reads
  • Some character visuals to help inspire others
  • Followed by interactions to hear your opinions etc Voting Polls
  • We will write discussion topics feel free to jump in and leave some comments!

 We Dare You To Come into the Dark Side! 

Our Goal is for our followers is to get to know us not just as SistahQueensPublishing but as the individuals we are!

So Please Follow us, your opinion and questions are greatly appreciated!