Third Quote from Resentment



Atieno Diamond-The Summit Main Character 3

He is the leader of the Diamond House. He is very determined and strong-willed. He is precise and methodical.

He develops a soft spot, Scarlet. He cares deeply for the Diamond house and its members. He is determined to get into the Summit, to give his house members a better life.

He sees Scarlet and Charity as being valuable to him. How far will he go to get into the Summit?

Scarlet Jackson-The Summit Main Character 2

She is the headstrong decision-maker of Charity, Daniela, and Marcel. She’s willing to put their well-being in front of her own.

Stubborn at times, knows what she wants. She does her best to hide her vulnerability. She’s determined when she wants something she will get it.

Charity was her first friend she ever made and holds their relationship dear to her heart. Daniela became her second most cherished friend and Marcel is her little brother who will she protect with her life.

Love wasn’t on her list until she met the Diamond Leader Atieno. What could make him so different?

Charity Williams-The Summit Main Character 1

She is the background observer. She is shy and timid. She cares deeply about Scarlet, Marcel, and Daniela.

She sometimes sees things that others don’t. She has a love for reading and puts others feelings in front of her own. Scarlet is her first friend and she holds their relationship dear to her heart.

She has a big secret that she wants to remain hidden, trouble leads her way when she becomes the key to getting into the Summit. What’s her secret?